Review: Magnificent Birds by Narisa Togo

Magnificent Birds illustrated by Japanese artist Narisa Togo, is a simple but remarkable book that lies somewhere between fairytale and natural history book.
Waiting to be discovered between the beautiful teal hardcover are birds that even a non-birder will recognise like the Barn Owl; that near-silent night-time hunter with eyesight twice as sensitive as a humans, to rare, exotic species we are never likely to clap eyes, or binoculars on. 

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Review: Krua Thai Cookery School, Fringe 2017

The Edinburgh Festival is the city’s most exhilarating annual event, but occasionally a little time-out is needed from the frenetic buzz of comedy shows, buskers and pedestrian packed streets. Booking a two hour cookery course at the Krua Thai Cookery School is just the tonic.

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Review: Kiki and Bobos Super Surprise by Yasmeen Ismail

Kiki and Bobo’s Super Surprise is as much a surprise for young readers as it is for the delightfully cute characters in this uplifting story. Grown-ups; you may sniff out where the narrative is going from the off but don’t spoil the surprise! Drawn by award-winning illustrator and author Yasmeen Ismail, this book is as cheerful as they come with bold bright colours, animated conversation and endearing childlike drawings.

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Review: Everyone by Christopher Silas Neal

This lovely new children’s book by Neal is not only a charming bedtime read, but a slender manual for children which will help them to understand the meaning of feelings. Bold and beautifully illustrated, this is a book that educates on the simple, yet necessary art of empathy. Every page is dedicated to an emotion, evoked by a small boy and delivered in a sparing but delightfully retro blue, black, peach and white palette of colours. There are a cast of cute characters from buzzing bees, drifting balloons and cheery singing flowers to bears giving hugs, sleepy fluffy clouds and flying stars that accompany the boy through his journey. Throughout the book the human spectrum of emotions are explored; happiness, sadness, frustration and anger, in a way that even the youngest reader can easily relate to. 

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