Review: Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall

Jabari Jumps tells the story of a little boy who has just passed his swim test and is ready for his first big jump off the diving board – however, when he arrives at the pool he realises it looks ‘high…and maybe a little scary’, so his dad tries to encourage him to overcome his fear.

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Review: Pink Lion by Jane Porter

In Jane Porter’s newest title, Pink Lion, the titular creature – Arnold by name – lives with his surrogate family of flamingos in a large watering hole. Quite how Arnold has come to be part of this arrangement is never fully explained to us, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter – his family love and accept him despite the difference in species, and he has great fun playing games with them each day.

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Review: Ellie and Lump’s Very Busy Day by Dorothy Clark and Becky Palmer

In Ellie and Lump’s Very Busy Day – the latest title from Smarties Prize nominee Dorothy Clark – the title characters, two young elephants, wake up in the morning full of energy. As they help their mother plan a birthday surprise for their father, their day is told through onomatopoeia and childhood exuberance, from boing-bouncing on beds to whizz-whooshing around the supermarket with the trolley. 

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