Review: Big Dog, Little Dog by Elodie Jarret

This charming lift-the-flap book, not to be confused with the 1973 P.D. Eastman book of the same name, is a new title from French-Swedish illustrator Elodie Jarret, known by the pseudonym Élo. As well as illustration, Élo is also a soft furnishing designer and art director, among other things. It therefore seems fitting that this book, published by Walker Books’ Studio imprint, should be so stylish and clever in its delivery.

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Review: I’m Afraid Your Teddy is in Trouble Today by Jancee Dunn and Scott Nash

Ever wondered what teddies do when you’re not home? This charming and highly amusing title answers that question. The titular Teddy has caused a bit of a situation. According to the police woman narrating the story, who involves the reader directly by breaking the fourth wall for much of it, a great deal of damage has been done to the house. Teddy called his friends around as soon as he knew he was home alone, and they proceed to cause carnage – from damaging the bed by using it as a trampoline to pouring bubble bath across the floor to having a sliding contest, it culminates in a dance party that has the neighbours complaining. As she describes the various shenanigans, the police woman’s hard shell seems to soften, and by the time she takes Teddy down to the station for questioning she is fondly remembering the one she loved as a child. She is moved to let Teddy and his friends off with a warning.

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Review: On the Night of the Shooting Star by Amy Hest and Jenni Desmond

Bunny and Dog live on opposite sides of the fence. Bunny’s house, fur and possessions are various shades of blue, Dog’s are red. Bunny likes cocoa and planting carrots. Dog likes biscuits and hiding his ball. They peek at each other through the fences. Both go to bed with their respective favourite snacks and read, and as they do, they check to see if the lights are on in one another’s houses. The seasons pass, but neither one says hello…until the night both open their doors to get a good look at a shooting star.

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