Review: The Ice House by Tim Clare

Tim Clare’s new novel, The Ice House, is to be published very soon in May 2019 by Edinburgh-based publisher Canongate. The Ice House is the sequel to Clare’s debut novel The Honours and the book once again focuses on Delphine Venner but instead of seeing her in her youth and prime Clare’s sequel presents the reader with a much older version of Delphine who despite her age is still vehement and energetic in search of revenge and salvation for her loved ones.

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Review: Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

James’s new novel follows the life and adventures of the main protagonist who is simply called Tracker. Tracker, as the name suggests, is incredibly good at finding people, both living and dead, because he has ‘a nose’ for it. His nose has been hired for the tracking of a boy whose significance is step by step revealed throughout the story. Tracker embarks upon the quest in a company unlike any other. There is Leopard, a shape shifting man/leopard, there is Bunshi the witch and there is even a giant whose past haunts him. This fellowship soon falls apart as one of the main points of the book is how fickle love and trust are in life. The reader sees how quickly alliances shift whilst Tracker is trying to find the boy. Alongside his quest Tracker meets a number of monsters and creatures from African mythology which make the book incredibly interesting for the readers who love learning something new whilst reading. Marlon James has really mastered how to implement folklore and mythology whilst keeping humanity as real as we know it.

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Review: The Dollmaker by Nina Allan

Nina Allan’s third novel, The Dollmaker, is an exploration of human nature, love and connections. But it is also so much more than that. Nina Allan’s novel delves deep into what it is to be an outsider and how people overcome past tragedies and traumas and she does that through the main characters of the story Andrew and Bramber and their passion for dolls.

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Review: Ann Cleeves & Alex Gray, Aye Write 2019

What is better than a Friday evening spent in the company of two of the best British crime writes? Not much and AyeWrite! Knows it. The Mitchell Theatre opened its doors and it welcomed a full room of crime book lovers who were queueing to see Ann Cleeves and Alex Gray and they certainly got an evening to remember.

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Review: Once Upon A River by Diane Setterfield

What a special literary treat it is when you find a book, which upon finishing, you need to think about for hours, and days, and weeks for simply starting a new one is out of the question. Such a book is Diane Setterfield’s new novel Once Upon a River. Setterfield ‘s new book takes place in the 19th century around the river Thames and the river is as much a character as the people we get to meet throughout the story.

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