Review: Ann Cleeves & Alex Gray, Aye Write 2019

What is better than a Friday evening spent in the company of two of the best British crime writes? Not much and AyeWrite! Knows it. The Mitchell Theatre opened its doors and it welcomed a full room of crime book lovers who were queueing to see Ann Cleeves and Alex Gray and they certainly got an evening to remember.

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Review: Once Upon A River by Diane Setterfield

What a special literary treat it is when you find a book, which upon finishing, you need to think about for hours, and days, and weeks for simply starting a new one is out of the question. Such a book is Diane Setterfield’s new novel Once Upon a River. Setterfield ‘s new book takes place in the 19th century around the river Thames and the river is as much a character as the people we get to meet throughout the story.

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Review: Gary MacLean, Aye Write 2019

Scotland’s national chef, Gary MacLean, combined forces with AyeWrite! this year and the result was a great event that discussed Gary’s life but also touched upon very important topics regarding our food culture and the way we view and practise healthy living.

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Review: Frank Quitely, Aye Write 2019

The people behind the Glasgow book festival AyeWrite! Have once again outdone themselves bringing us a number of exciting events and workshops. One of the shining stars in the programme was the event focusing on Frank Quitely, the Glaswegian comic artist, who has become a legend in the comic book world.

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Review: Eighth Grade, Glasgow Film Fest 2019

Eighth Grade, directed by stand up comedian Bo Burnham, is the story of thirteen-year-old Kayla who is just about to graduate from middle school and enter high school. The movie focuses on Kayla’s last few weeks in middle school and truly captures what it is like to be a teenager in our day and age.

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