Review: Strange Hotel by Eimear McBride

It is one of life’s minor misfortunes, somewhat major for the avid reader, when you pick up a book and you expect it to blow you away but it produces a slight gust at the very best. Strange Hotel was one of these books; it sounds fascinating when we read the blurb but the book itself, although discussing important and interesting topics, fails to deliver a full literary punch.

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Review: Makar/Unmakar Edited by Calum Rodger

makar/unmakar is a new poetry anthology published by Tapsalteerie and edited by Calum Rodger. It is a collection that introduces the reader to twelve contemporary poets who although very different from each other have one thing in common: they are not afraid to push poetical boundaries. It is important to say here that this reviewer is not a poetry expert but rather a reader who wants to get our of their comfort zone so this review is just the personal ruminations of a keen, just-introduced-to-poetry reader.

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Review: The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

It is always a joy to stumble upon a gorgeous book that also takes your breath away. Publishers have really upped their game when it comes to cover designs and although we should not judge a book by its cover, it is difficult when there are so many beautiful books staring at us from the bookshelves. One such book is The Dutch House by Ann Patchett; a gem of a book that is stunning to look at and stunning to read.

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Review: Bone China by Laura Purcell

The queen of spooky books is back with her third novel Bone China. Laura Purcell has become a name among the fans of storytelling that makes you question what is real and what is not. Both her previous novels The Silent Companions and The Corset followed the same pattern of narration that Bone China has adopted. There is a secret, there is unease, a strangeness that borders with the supernatural letting the readers decide for themselves whether or not the explanation is rational or magical.

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