Review: Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart

It is one of life’s irony that the better the book you read is, the harder it is to put into a review exactly how much you enjoyed it. I usually take Booker Prize nominees with a pinch of salt, but Shuggie Bain is a worthy shortlisted nominee. The book is stunning and what is more it is Stuart’s debut, and I am amazed at his talent and craftsmanship.

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Review: My Life as a Cat by Carlie Sorosiak

In her book Why You Should Read Children’s Books, Even Though You are So Old and Wise, Katherine Rundell says that “Children’s novels say: “look, this is what bravery looks like. This is what generosity looks like. They tell me, through the medium of wizard, lions and talking spiders, that this world we live in is a world of people who tell jokes and work and endure. Children’s books say the world is huge.” And this has never been truer when reading and discussing the writing of Carlie Sorosiak. Having read and loved her last 9-12 book I, Cosmo last year, I knew I was in for a treat when I got my hands on a copy of My Life as a Cat. Carlie Sorosiak really had the gift of distilling humanity and showing us the really important things in life: cheese sandwiches, spending time with your loved ones, enjoying a day by the sea. This is why upon finishing her new cat adventure, I have been recommending it to everyone both young and old.

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Review: The Sound Mirror by Heidi James

Do you ever wonder how much your past has shaped you? Whether you are clay in the hands of your ancestors who have slowly been molding you to take the shape of the person you are right now? These are some of the questions that Heidi James’ new novel The Sound Mirror asks.

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