Review: Meursault & Mi Mye

Continuing his promotion of Meursault’s self-released album Crow Hill, which has recently been mastered by the esteemed Mandy Parnell, and is due to launch in the coming months, Neil Pennycook arrived at Glasgow’s Glad Café ‘suited n booted’, he meant business. Another sold out gig, the intimate setting was not for the faint hearted, as the temperature in the room rose, both band and fans subtly shed the autumn layers in which they arrived.

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Review: The Vegan Leather, The Spree 2017

Waiting in the wings, for their go on stage, following another soothing Siobhan Wilson set, Paisley rockers The Vegan Leather, sat eagerly in the shadows of the Spielgeltent. They appeared adorning matching black jackets, freshly branded with eye-catching metallic pink The Vegan Leather logo.

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