Review: Sketches of Spain

As one of the highlights of the 2019 Edinburgh International Film Festival’s Spanish theme, the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra presented a special one-off performance of Miles Davis’s moody and magnificent orchestral masterpiece, Sketches Of Spain, at the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh, with special guest, award-winning trumpet player and composer Laura Jurd, taking centre stage in the Miles Davis role. Released in 1960, the iconic Sketches Of Spain album is one of the finest examples of Miles Davis’s collaborations with arranger and composer Gil Evans and derives from the pair’s deep interest in Spanish classical and folk music.

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Review: Honeyblood

oneyblood, formed originally as a duo in 2012, is now the solo project of Edinburgh-born and Glasgow-based indie-rock singer, guitarist and songwriter Stina Tweeddale. Honeyblood’s recently-released third album, In Plain Sight, has already attracted a fair few highly favourable reviews, and the UK tour to promote the album included a sold-out gig at Edinburgh’s Summerhall on 3rd June. For this tour, the self-styled High Priestess of Scottish witchy-rock, Stina Tweeddale, assembled a live band consisting of herself and two other feisty characters in drummer Debbie Knox-Hewson and bassist Anna Donigan. “Edinburgh…it’s been too long!” exclaimed Stina Tweeddale, as she took to the stage for this home town gig, informing us that her Mum and Dad were among the packed audience.

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Review: Kim Edgar

Established as recently as February of this year, the weekly RootsBase series of gigs, held in the Rose Theatre’s Gilded Balloon Basement, is already proving to be a very welcome addition to Edinburgh’s music scene. On 26th March, it was the turn of Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter and pianist, Kim Edgar, to grace this intimate space and she was given a suitably warm and rousing welcome to the stage. The opening song, the gracefully lilting Leaf For A Sail, was inspired by a line from a John Glenday poem and served early notice of Kim Edgar’s gifts as a storyteller in song. Edgar informed us that she had delivered on her promise to write three new songs in time for this gig and the first of these was You Are Loved, a heartfelt and heart-warming message to mark her niece’s 18th birthday. Anchor In The Sky used the North Star as a motif in a moving tribute to the Good Samaritans of this world. Having once been dubbed “Edinburgh’s very own Tori Amos”, Kim Edgar is equally adept at crafting songs which are deliciously dark and edgy and this was exemplified by the heady swirl and underlying menace of Scissors, Paper, Stone. Edgar’s graceful vocals positively soared on the sweeping and majestic Red, an affectionate reflection on her mum’s early life growing up in Bathgate.

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Review: Rozi Plain – What A Boost

Indie folk/rock singer-songwriter Rozi Plain is a solo artist and band-leader, who is also a touring member of the alt-folk/rock band This Is The Kit. Originally from Winchester and now based in London, Rozi Plain was one of the founder members of the Cleaner Records musical collective in Bristol.

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