Review: Graham Costello’s STRATA

The music of Graham Costello’s STRATA is a bold, innovative and multi-layered thing of wonder, combining the polyrhythms, collective groove and improvisation of jazz, the raw energy and grit of post-rock and the ethereal and hypnotic qualities of minimalism. The band is drawn from the cream of Glasgow’s positively thriving jazz scene and comprises drummer, composer and bandleader Graham Costello, Fergus McCreadie on piano, trombonist Liam Shortall, Harry Weir on tenor sax, guitarist Joe Williamson and Mark Hendry on bass.

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Review: Rachel Sermanni & Jarlath Henderson with Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Celtic Connections 2019

Celtic Connections has an excellent track record of conjuring up inspired and intriguing double bills and this one, at Glasgow City Halls on 25th January, was no exception. It featured two of Scottish music’s most distinctive artists in Rachel Sermanni, the captivating ‘folk noir’ singer-songwriter from Carrbridge in the Scottish Highlands (currently based in Edinburgh), and Jarlath Henderson, the charismatic multi-instrumentalist and innovative interpreter of traditional songs from County Armagh in Northern Ireland (currently based in Glasgow, where he is also a hospital doctor).

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Review: You Tell Me – You Tell Me

You Tell Me is an inspired collaboration between Peter Brewis (one half of Field Music) and Sarah Hayes (solo artist and member of Admiral Fallow). The pair met in 2017 when appearing in an Emma Pollock-curated celebration of the music of Kate Bush. Hayes and Brewis soon struck up a friendship, discovering some shared musical tastes, and so the seeds of a new band were sown.

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Review: Bernadette Kellermann – Colourworks

of the award-winning jazz/funk/folk collective Fat-Suit.
For her debut EP, Colourworks, Bernadette Kellermann has enlisted the services of some of the finest young musicians in the Glasgow jazz scene, including Fergus McCreadie (piano), Mark Hendry (double bass) and Graham Costello (drums), to help realise her bold and imaginative musical vision. Together, they combine neo-folk with flavours of jazz, minimalism and classical to produce a series of inventive, multi-layered and quietly uplifting soundscapes, including some passages of music which are truly transcendent.

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