Review: Mt. Doubt – Doubtlands

Mt. Doubt is the musical nom de plume of Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter and musician Leo Bargery. Doubtlands is Mt. Doubt’s third full-length album and the eager anticipation of its release has been fuelled by three well-received singles. Leo Bargery’s regular solo live streams during lockdown have also enabled stripped-back versions of many of the album’s songs to be introduced to fans.

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Review: Dave Milligan – Momento

Dave Milligan is a remarkably versatile Scottish pianist, composer and arranger, perhaps best known as an imaginative and inventive jazz pianist with the Dave Milligan Trio and the Colin Steele Quintet. His wide-ranging collaborations regularly cross the boundaries between jazz and folk, and he has also composed/arranged music for theatre productions in Scotland. Milligan and Steele collaborated with Italian jazz musicians on the Stone Islands project, which was performed live at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival in 2013. For Momento, his first album since 2008, Dave Milligan has joined forces with two of those Italian musicians, Danilo Gallo (bass) and U. T. Gandhi (drums), travelling to Italy to record with them in a studio in Cavalicco, in the province of Udine. Of the seven compositions on the album, five are written by Dave Milligan and the other two are his arrangements of tunes adapted from Scottish folk songs.

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Review: Blue Rose Code – With Healings Of The Deepest Kind

Blue Rose Code is the creative guise of Edinburgh-born singer-songwriter Ross Wilson, whose fan-base (affectionately named ‘the lovers’) has been growing steadily since the release of his first album, North Ten, in 2013. For his fifth studio album, With Healings Of The Deepest Kind, recorded in the iconic Castlesound Studios, Wilson took full control of the production and assembled a band drawn from the cream of Scotland’s jazz, folk and rock players (most of whom will be familiar to Blue Rose Code aficionados). During the early stages of making the album, Wilson was beset by serious personal issues and it is testament to his resilient spirit, and the loving care of special friends, that he recovered to produce what I believe to be his strongest album so far.

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Review: Courtney Marie Andrews – Old Flowers

Courtney Marie Andrews is an enchanting singer-songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona, with a heartbreaker of a voice and a rare talent for writing heartfelt songs, which connect on a personal level. 2016’s breakthrough album, Honest Life was followed by the critically-acclaimed May Your Kindness Remain, which was toured extensively and resulted in Andrews winning International Artist of the Year at the UK Americana Awards in 2018. Courtney Marie Andrews’ new album, Old Flowers, was created in the aftermath of a nine-year relationship and features her most raw and vulnerable writing to date. As Andrews herself has said…”It’s about heartbreak. I did not lie when writing these songs.”

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Review: Amy Duncan – The Hidden World

Over the course of her previous six albums, Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist Amy Duncan has blossomed into one of Scottish contemporary music’s most singular talents. For her seventh album, The Hidden World, Duncan took over the production reins and played all the instruments herself, except for percussion and tablas (both played by Guy Nicholson). The new album has all the hallmarks we’ve come to expect from an Amy Duncan record…direct, personal song-writing; intimate, heartfelt vocals; and crystalline, multi-layered soundscapes.

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