Review: davesnewbike

Normally when BBC6 Music mainstay Mark Radcliffe endorses something I am inclined to agree, and so it was with davesnewbike. Radcliffe may have added a caveat teasing their unique choice of name though this would have done little to deflate the excitement of such high profile airplay. Still, the moniker sounds better on the radio than it looks in print, as my spellchecker can now testify. Formed in a Leith loft some eight years ago, the four piece fuse a range of genres around a strong narrative backbone.

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Review: Krafty Brew’s EH6 Festival Leith

The inaugural EH6 festival is the passion project of Mike Ward who some may know as the well kent face of Krafty Brew. The aim is to put Leith, and by some eye-catching branding, its postcode, on the map, musically speaking. Ward waxes lyrical, as is his wont, and wants “to bring something great back to Edinburgh” with an enthusiasm that sees months’ worth of planning and a plundering of his extensive ‘black book’ of artists culminate this weekend.

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Review: Paisley the Untold Story, The Spree 2017

Having waited long enough for the doors to open, it is still surprising to hear none other than The Doors opening this celebration of all things Paisley. Fans of local club St. Mirren will need no explanation of the aptness of Love Street, a nod to their former stadium, particularly after a choice line from the song was immortalised as the title of a revered cult fanzine, in the 1980s. Tonight, where the creatures meet is Paisley’s magnificent 12C Abbey, historically the community’s more spiritual home.

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