Review: Phil Kay – Lighter Hour, Fringe 2018

As the only act I’ll happily return to every Fringe, going to see Phil Kay is like going out for a spin on a favourite bike. Come August his show is always an anticipated joy, like climbing on to a cherished vintage saddle for all its familiar sheen and comforting creak, knowing not where it will take you, but that we’d better hold on tight.

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Review: Microdisney

It may have been over thirty years since The Clock Came Down the Stairs, but it seems no less punctual for all that. Tonight’s show starts on the minute at the venue’s advertised opening time, causing us (in cahoots with London’s transport system) to miss the start and Microdisney’s much heralded return to the stage. Given the band’s commercial trajectory, or lack of it, during their time together, maybe this ‘ahead of their time’ approach could fatefully serve to summarise their fruitful if not lucrative recording years.

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