Review: Antling, Fringe 2018

“I want those who get to know me to become admirers of my enemies” chants Adam Ant to introduce to the spotlight Helen Pepper-Smith. Though a ‘seasoned’ performer, this is the first play she has also written, produced along with her collaborator Susanne Crosby.

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Review: Neu! Reekie! #1, EIF 2018

More Light on the Shore is cast upon the brilliant Leith Theatre with the arrival of Neu! Reekie! who curate this show among several nights. Something of a coup, it would seem to secure the services of one Michael Rother who, when among other projects, formed half of Krautrock pioneers, Neu! The same group inspired Kevin Williamson and Michael Pedersen to form their artistic collective in Edinburgh to promote music and poetry via various events throughout the city in recent years.

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Review: Phil Kay – Lighter Hour, Fringe 2018

As the only act I’ll happily return to every Fringe, going to see Phil Kay is like going out for a spin on a favourite bike. Come August his show is always an anticipated joy, like climbing on to a cherished vintage saddle for all its familiar sheen and comforting creak, knowing not where it will take you, but that we’d better hold on tight.

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