Review: The Cribs – 24-7 Rock Star Shit

In 1994 a computer game called Quarantine came out. It used the DOOM engine in an interesting new way by making the player a cab driver in a post-apocalyptic city. You would drive around picking up passengers and driving them about – the other pedestrians were infected with a disease that turned them into crazed killers and often walked in front of your car forcing you to mow them down, blood running down the windshield. I mention this because, most memorably, the car radio featured a host of songs by alternative rock bands who were never heard from again.

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Review: Romans

The IMDB synopsis for this film is “An adult victim of childhood sexual abuse confronts the horrors of his past” and having sat looking at blank screen for thirty or so minutes I’m damned if I can better it. Romans is directed by the Shammasian Brothers from a deeply personal Geoff Thompson script that wades through the wreckage left by abuse while exploring the ongoing damage caused by all who are touched by it.

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Review: In This Corner of the World

Hiroshima is no longer just a place to us. The memory of tragic events still haunt the word like an infection. When we meet Suzu and her family and learn they live in Hiroshima, we know what’s coming at some point. She is married off to a man she hardly knows and moves to the neighbouring town – even through this we sigh with relief as she’s no longer in THAT place. Her family remain there though, while we get lost in the trials and tribulations of her wartime life. We see her struggle and celebrate her successes alongside her but always – always – the calendar marches forward and in the back of your mind the knowledge of Hiroshima lingers whispering the oncoming darkness.

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Review: Ghostpoet – Dark Days & Canapés

In that tide of new and exciting music we’re often swarmed under sometimes new albums by artists you’ve enjoyed can completely pass you by. I remember vividly hearing Ghostpoet’s debut album Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam back in 2011 and having the squelchy synth of I Just Don’t Know being a constant appearance on many of the playlists I made that year. Well now it’s 2017 and I seem to have missed two follow up albums and find myself in possession of Ghostpoet’s fourth release: Dark Days & Canapés. Listening to the new album I’m half kicking myself for not keeping an eye out on him and half excited that I can now go back and check out the albums I’ve missed – it’s like three new albums at once!

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