Review: John Carpenter

There really isn’t much more to be said about John Carpenter. You either know who he is and have seen his films or your life is not as good as it could be. He is the Master of Horror responsible for making some of the classics throughout the seventies and eighties that influenced the whole industry. On a more personal level I’d count three of his films in my top ten of all time: Halloween, Escape From New York and The Thing so if you’re looking for an objective review of his live show you won’t get one here – this tour is 100% fan service that delivers at every level.

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Review: Mandy

As I sat down to watch Mandy I wondered when the last time there’s been a Nicolas Cage film shown on the big screen. So much of his recent output had been direct to streaming sites and, mostly dreadful, that it never even made the silver screen. That said, I’m sure there are plenty of you who consider much of his work awful even when he was in his golden period.

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Review: Swan Lake

My knowledge of ballet begins and ends with an episode of The Goodies where football hooliganism has got so bad that it is banned and all the fans turn to ballet instead. The episode features Wayne Sleep and, nostalgia withstanding, was hilarious and its final scenes contained moments from Swan Lake where ballet hooligans became incensed by the performance.

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Review: Half Waif

I only found Half Waif recently. The song Keep It Out is one of those tracks that appeared in my Spotify Discover playlists which made me stop, listen to it again, then immediately download the album. I was away in New York at the time and hearing her lament the same city while I paced its streets enhanced the experience for me. It was a nice coincidence to find that on the day after my return she was playing in Glasgow at the Glad Cafe. Glasgow is such a fantastic place for gigs. Sure, Edinburgh has comedy, theatre and film but when it comes to music it’s an absolute trash fire. I’m sure this will only get worse as they shut down Leith Depot and replace with some more housing.

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