Review: Gut

What is trust? Do you trust you family? Your friends? How about your partner’s friends? How do we retain it or rebuild that trust if it’s lost? The new play Gut from Frances Poet is all about trust – or gut instinct – and that’s explored here in painful detail.

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Review: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Two men stare from a balcony at eye height with myself in the Dress Circle at King’s Theatre. They speak fluttery Victorian prose against a shadowy backdrop of street lights and yellow window panes. It’s a strange opening because there’s no fanfare – the lights go down and it starts. From the off it’s apparent it’s a wordy play where your concentration is going to be required. I’m not sure what I expected, maybe something akin to a pantomime, with a rowdy Phil Daniels blurting out Parklife to get cheap laughs.

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Review: TEEN CREEPS – Birthmarks

Hey friend. Are you looking for a record that recalls your love of early Placebo and Idlewild? You are? Well then TEEN CREEPS have the perfect album for you.
TEEN CREEPS are a three piece from Ghent who describe their sound as “post-everything”. In some ways this makes sense as every listener will bring their own culture capital when listening to the record. For me, I drowned myself in nineties alternative rock and that’s what spoke to me here on their debut album Birthmarks.

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Review: Dessa – Chime

The last week has been tough. You know when the world just gets you down and you’re crawling towards the weekend so you can cower and recover before preparing for another week? Well, that’s been me. Sometimes you don’t notice that you’ve shut yourself down, dulled your senses to dampen the impact of the next assault. Sometimes it takes an album to bring you out of it, to make you human again, alive again. Dessa’s Chime has been my saviour this weekend.

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Review: Erasure

Erasure are my brother’s favourite band yet they’ve always been a take it or leave it band for myself. I know so many people consider Vince Clarke a musical genius but I just find the retro-shanty synths out of date with my own, more modern, tastes. Please don’t forget that that’s my opinion and I am mostly always wrong.

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