Review: All Night Horror Madness

As the night approached, I couldn’t believe it’d been a whole year since the last All Night Horror Madness at the Cameo. What’s more, I was reminded earlier in the day that I had press tickets for Erasure at the Usher Hall that very same night and now had to cram the gig in before attending an all night movie marathon!

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Review: Fischerspooner – SIR

Bathed as we are in easily digestible content across multiple streaming platforms, it’s easy to forget that some artists work best within entire albums. I’ve found Fischerspooner to be one of these bands. While their hit single Emerge back in 2001 (oh god I’m old) absolutely floored me and introduced me to the world of electroclash, I remember struggling to get much else out of the album #1. Years went by, Odyssey came out, and this time their sound clicked with me. I returned to #1 and found every song was a joy. I guess what I’m saying is Fischerspooner demand multiple listens and their latest album SIR is no different.

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Review: Bright Light Bright Light

Having spent the last week listening to space rockers Monster Magnet I had completely forgotten that I had tickets to see both Bright Light Bright Light and Erasure at the Usher Hall on Saturday. I was a little concerned that being in a rock state of mind would in some way dampen my enjoyment of 80s-tinged pop. There was no need to worry.

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Review: Calexico – The Thread That Keeps Us

If you asked me to name my least favourite music genre I’d have shouted “country” before you’d finished the question. That being said, when I think of country I think of Shania Twain and what probably isn’t considered proper country at all. What I’ve heard has always sounded a bit too soft production-wise for my rock-damaged ears.
I’m not sure why, but I always got it in my head that Calexico were a country band. Upon reading their Wikipedia entry however, which says “their musical style is influenced by traditional Latin sounds of mariachi, conjunto, cumbia, tejano, as well as country, jazz, and post-rock”, my interest was piqued.

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Rod Thomas: I’ve been able to work with some of my absolute favourite artists

Rod Thomas, AKA Bright Light Bright Light has much going for him in 2018, with recent album release, Choreography, and an imminent single release, Little Bit on 26th January. On top of all that he is touring with Erasure, their sole support.
Rod spoke with The Fountain about the inspiration behind the name, working alongside such talent as Elton John and Alan Cumming, and the influences behind his illustrious work.

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