Review: Spectra – Scotland’s Festival of Light Rating 90%

Review: Spectra – Scotland’s Festival of Light

This is not the first time Spectra has transformed the centre of Aberdeen with its spectacular light effects and visual feasts that make the locals proclaim “fit’s that?!” The 2020 theme is Scotland’s coasts and waters and to this end there are tentacles flowing off the top of Marischal Square and the Art Gallery.



Review: Dial M for Murder, Granite Noir 2020 Rating 93%

Review: Dial M for Murder, Granite Noir 2020

Running in line with the Granite Noir festival this is a story of love and murder, set in 1963. Tony Wendice, played by Tom Chambers, finds out his wife Margot (Sally Bretton) has been having an affair; and so plots “the perfect crime”. Written by Frederick Knott as his first play, the story is well known from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie version in 1954.



By Land: Yeah, I like it because it’s not a closed sentence

By Land is the moniker Swedish producer and songwriter Björn Lindberg. With his debut album coming in Spring, he’s announcing this release with new single Half Of Us. Björn spoke with The Fountain about how his name came about as well as the plans for 2020.



Mark Cousins: I love the Glasgow Film Festival to be honest so I was delighted

Glasgow Film Festival 2020 sits over International Womens Day this year, and coincidentally there is a key focus this year in the programme on female filmmakers with the Women Make Film strand. Part of this strand includes a five part screening of Mark Cousin's 14 hour documentary, Women Make Film. Mark spoke with The Fountain about the film in more depth, as well as the onerous but pleasurable process it was to select the films for this thorough documentary.


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