Sofie Hagen: Treat it as if you are just one out of 10,000 performers

The Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer winner is back with a comedy show about memory and swings specifically for bums. As seen on Live from the BBC and her own episode of Comedy Central Specials, Sofie Hagen is at the Pleasance Dome this August with The Bumswing. Sofie spoke with The Fountain about the show as well as her plans for the month.




Review: The Cure, Glasgow Summer Sessions 2019 Rating 96%

Review: The Cure, Glasgow Summer Sessions 2019

It was 20th July 1989. At seventeen I was dressed appropriately in a biker’s leather atop a miniature-flower laden black shirt, skin-tight black jeans with laces up each side, scuffed-up basketball boots and a mop of dishevelled dark hair, short at the back, long fringe. I took a bus to Birmingham with some friends. It was The Cure’s Disintegration Tour at the NEC. They opened, as the album does, with Plainsong, followed by Pictures of You. It was awesome. Little was I to know at the time that Disintegration eventually defined them as a band. No punk, no pop, pure goth in Smith’s genre-leading interpretation.


Review: Pain and Glory Rating 65%

Review: Pain and Glory

Every Almodóvar film is emblematic of the filmmaker’s age: his early work with its cross-dressing, joyful kitsch and burlesque antics (ladies getting horny when they see urine, anyone?) is definitely a young man’s curious take on the world, while more mature masterpieces like Volver (2006) or the director’s own favourite Talk to Her (2002) show Almodóvar at his golden prime. Being his 21st film now – and his most openly autobiographical one to date – Pain and Glory doesn’t show the filmmaker’s skills waning but smooths down some potentially eccentric narrative edges while still using those rich and creamy Almodóvar ingredients we all love.


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