Review: Eric Chenaux Rating 69%

Review: Eric Chenaux

Sat in the Glad Café in the South side of Glasgow I felt like I had travelled back to my time in London at the Café Oto where you would encounter the most experimental yet pleasing sounds. This was one of those nights, with conceptual Canadian Eric Chenaux headlining. Performing tracks from new record, Slowly Paradise, he mapped out our feeling at the beginning of his set, so he ensured he left us with enough energy to get home with.




Paul Sng: The idea for the book is really drawn from people that feel they have been misrepresented

Co-curated by Laura Dickens and Chloe Juno, the director of Dispossession and Sleaford Mod documentary, Invisible Britain, Paul Sng, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a book of forty documentary images, along with forty stories, Invisible Britain: Portraits. Focussing on those that don't get their stories heard, who are much affected by social issues this is an interesting project from the independent film director. Paul spoke with The Fountain about the process, the titling behind the publication and his long-term future plans to enable stories from working class backgrounds to emerge and be told.




Review: Scream For Me Sarajevo Rating 85%

Review: Scream For Me Sarajevo

Scream for Me Sarajevo is a documentary regarding Bruce Dickinson’s (of Iron Maiden fame) attempts to make it through war torn Bosnia to put on a heavy metal gig in the under siege city of Sarajevo. It is Bosnian directors Tarik Hodzic’s first feature length film and it offers a different slant on longest siege of a capital city in modern times. It eschews politics and, for the most part, even backstory and instead concentrates on what life was like for the city’s residents in the run up to the concert


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