Review: Fránçois and the Atlas Mountains – NEHH, Summerhall Rating 89%

Review: Fránçois and the Atlas Mountains – NEHH, Summerhall

Fránçois and the Atlas Mountains prove time and time again that they are an adaptable, versatile, yet always energetic band of talent, and this time round it was in Edinburgh’s Summerhall that they did so, playing as part of the Nothing Ever Happens Here programme of events. Supported by their friends, the duo known as RAZA, Fránçois Marry, Amaury Ranger, Gerard Black and the guys played to a crowd psyched to catch them in the Dissection Room of Edinburgh’s old veterinary college.

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Review: Optimo 20, NEHH, Fringe 2017 Rating 90%

Review: Optimo 20, NEHH, Fringe 2017

Having booked the Monday off work, I made my way along to an all-day festival in Glasgow on an August Sunday to celebrate twenty years of Optimo. When Keith McIvor and Jonnie Wilkes put on their first shindig in the Sub Club on a Sunday night back in the 90s, many thought it would never work. On the contrary, the legendary club grew to generate a loyal following.

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Review: Howlin’ Fling! Rating 92%

Review: Howlin’ Fling!

Now that the glitter has settled on Lost Map’s Howlin’ Fling!, hosted by Pictish Trail on the remote Isle of Eigg, one of the small isles of the Inner Hebrides, I’ve written a personal account of one of Scotland’s best kept secrets.

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Review: Martin Creed’s Words and Music, EIF 2017 Rating 78%

Review: Martin Creed’s Words and Music, EIF 2017

Martin Creed’s most recent installation for the Edinburgh International Festival is an insight into his meandering mind, almost like witnessing a visual slicing of the head, a gush of thoughts pouring out onto a performance stage. With his most recent piece, Martin Creed’s Words and Music, the Turner Prize winning artist gives us an insight into his eccentric, surreal, procrastinating habits in a set that evokes his anguish and frustration, yet also demonstrates his talents as he presents us with vocal ramblings involving wordplay and song.

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Review: The Cribs – 24-7 Rock Star Shit Rating 23%

Review: The Cribs – 24-7 Rock Star Shit

In 1994 a computer game called Quarantine came out. It used the DOOM engine in an interesting new way by making the player a cab driver in a post-apocalyptic city. You would drive around picking up passengers and driving them about – the other pedestrians were infected with a disease that turned them into crazed killers and often walked in front of your car forcing you to mow them down, blood running down the windshield. I mention this because, most memorably, the car radio featured a host of songs by alternative rock bands who were never heard from again.

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Review: Rhythm ‘n’ Booze Rating 70%

Review: Rhythm ‘n’ Booze

Rhythm ‘n’ Booze offers a fun, unique and tour-guide cliché free take on the traditional whisky tasting experience. Entering the dark atmospheric cave of the Assembly Roxy, you are greeted by intimately lit tables, which shared between groups of three or four, mean you need to get cosy pretty quickly with your neighbours. The host Felipe, assists this process by providing a witty introduction to the tasting and dispelling some of the myths of how people tend to describe whisky.

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Review: A Kind of Seeing & LeithLate presents Drifters Rating 91%

Review: A Kind of Seeing & LeithLate presents Drifters

Jason Singh, international beatboxer, was highly impressive as he demonstrated his skills as a one man cinematic score for John Grierson’s 1929 debut documentary, Drifters. As part of a tour along the North Sea, A Kind of Seeing (AKA Shona Thomson) and LeithLate took this ‘trawler’ film to Destiny Church in Leith, which used to be a cinema in the 1920s. 

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Review: Ghostpoet – Dark Days & Canapés Rating 94%

Review: Ghostpoet – Dark Days & Canapés

In that tide of new and exciting music we’re often swarmed under sometimes new albums by artists you’ve enjoyed can completely pass you by. I remember vividly hearing Ghostpoet’s debut album Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam back in 2011 and having the squelchy synth of I Just Don’t Know being a constant appearance on many of the playlists I made that year. Well now it’s 2017 and I seem to have missed two follow up albums and find myself in possession of Ghostpoet’s fourth release: Dark Days & Canapés. Listening to the new album I’m half kicking myself for not keeping an eye out on him and half excited that I can now go back and check out the albums I’ve missed – it’s like three new albums at once!

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Michael Pedersen: They are fantastically bizarre, confusing and conflicting aliens

“I want this to be a poetry book for people that don’t normally read poetry.”
That’s how Michael Pedersen described his new collection in a conversation with The Fountain. Created in collaboration with Frightened Rabbit’s lead singer Scott Hutchison, Oyster is Pedersen’s second publication with Polygon Books, a tragic yet playful collection of poetry and illustrations.

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