Review: The First Tree Rating 70%

Review: The First Tree

Of the more experimental games to come out of the independent scene in recent years, many have a distinctly dream-like quality. Think big, empty environments rendered in striking colours, with horizons which seem to stretch into infinity. The otherworldly places in games like Journey, Proteus, Rain, House, Eternity and Eidolon have the feeling of expressionist paintings that you can visit, and you often awaken in these worlds with little idea of how you got there or what it is you’re there to do. Curiosity takes hold, and you find yourself drifting through these places as a dreamer might, exploring and observing slowly and thoughtfully, taking meaning where you can.  

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Review: Futureplay Virtual Reality Studio – Munduruku, Fringe 2017 Rating 90%

Review: Futureplay Virtual Reality Studio – Munduruku, Fringe 2017

Situated just outside the Assembly Rooms in a suitably futuristic white dome, the Futureplay Virtual Reality Studio features a carefully chosen selection of VR works ranging from documentary through to animation. Here I saw the excellent and engrossing First Impressions, which allows the viewer to see the world through the dewy eyes of a new born baby, and Utopia 6, a cerebral sci-fi that takes place two-hundred years from now. However, I am focusing my attentions here solely on one VR piece, the challenging and thought-provoking VR documentary Munduruku.

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