Michael Jablonka: I’ve really enjoyed the journey

Michael Jablonka is not only Michael Kiwanuka’s guitarist. He’s a Hendrix-inspired musician who has recently released single, Peacefully, out on Lost in the Manor Records.
Embarking on a solo career, The Fountain spoke with Michael about performing with the award-winning Michael Kiwanuka but also transitioning to a different mode, playing as Michael Jablonka and the different energies that comes with that.

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Johanna Flanagan: They have very challenging successful shows

Johanna Flanagan has an exhibition of work in the Tighnabruaich Gallery titled The Book of Secrets, which will be there for the duration of October.
Known to many as The Pale Rook, Johanna is a textile artist fascinated with dolls and storytelling, which heavily comes across in her pieces, and she spoke with The Fountain about her processes, her intuitive practice, the inspiration behind the name and other projects brewing alongside this stunning exhibition

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Dante Gizzi: The Barrowlands atmosphere is just electric

GUN have gone back to their rocker roots with seventh studio album, Favourite Pleasures, which is out now, with acclaim and much approval from their fans.
Showcasing tracks from the album in three live dates in December, Dante Gizzi from the band spoke to The Fountain about new guitarist, Tommy Gentry, his favourite pleasures in life and playing the Barrowlands later in the year.

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Kaite Welsh: It was always going to be in Edinburgh

Kaite Welsh is the author of The Wages of Sin (2017, Tinder Press), a historical crime novel following the exploits of Sarah Gilchrist, a medical student with a murky past. When Sarah believes one of her patients, a prostitute, has been murdered, she knows she is the only one willing to discover the killer. She must navigate the highest echelons of Edinburgh society and the depths of its slums, facing mockery, violence and misogyny along the way, before she can solve the crime. 

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