Review: Stanton Moore – With You In Mind

Suffice to say, Stanton Moore has a lot on his plate. In addition to his personal projects, in the fields of studio work and TV and as a teacher, he’s the drummer for the band Galactic and still manages to find time to record and tour with David Torkanowsky and James Singleton.

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Review: The Drums – Abysmal Thoughts

Following the departure of founding member, Jacob Graham, surf-rock band The Drums release Abysmal Thoughts, their fourth studio album. Especially when compared with previous album titles (The Drums, Portamento and Encyclopedia) the forthcoming album title announces a change of tone, a shift towards something darker.

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Review: Sammy Brue – I Am Nice

At the tender age of sixteen, Sammy Brue has attracted attention from the likes of Rolling Stone, The Fader and The New Yorker. With a polished, confident sound, his brand of acoustic Americana recalls the well-established blues rock and indie-folk bands who have stormed the albums charts over the past decade. Tellingly, Ben Tanner and John Paul White, members of Alabama Shakes and the Civil Wars respectively, served as producers on I Am Nice. 

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Review: Chris T-T – Best Of

Best Of albums are never easy: trying to condense a musical career into a single release always feels like something of a gargantuan task. This is especially the case with Chris T-T whose output is not only remarkably prolific but has spanned twenty years. Furthermore, the fact that his career has not been confined to a single medium but encompassed music composition and performance, podcasts, radio and accompaniment makes the Best Of format a bit ill-fitting to contain the bountiful fruits of two decades of creation. 

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Review: Mac DeMarco – This Old Dog

Canadian singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco first broke onto the international music scene with 2012’s mini LP, Rock and Roll Nightclub. Since then, he’s risen to prominence for the signature slacker rock sound honed on successive releases. DeMarco tends to combine wry, unexpectedly thoughtful lyrics with simple composition, creating the perfect soundtrack for hazy summer days.

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