Review: School Damage – School Damage

School Damage sound like the sort of band that might still hang out together at weekends.  Not that non-School Damage bands seem exactly antisocial, but there are times when you listen to very serious music or look at a very serious album cover and you reckon that, after the photo shoot and recording sessions, the folk involved maybe go for a perfunctory round at the pub, then one by one make their excuses and slip off home.

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Review: Shall We Dance?

As a rule, most people like to know what they’re in for of an evening; I, on the other hand, am sometimes a bit too fond of a surprise for my own good.  Hence how I sometimes end up standing on the deck of a boat on the Tyne for an hour in the dead of a winter night.  Or why I sign myself up for something that might or might not involve trying ballroom dancing for the first time – in public – for several hours.

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Review: Guadalupe Plata

If you’re wondering what Guadalupe Plata sounds like, picture this: you’re a petty criminal, quiet type with too short a fuse.  Not well kempt; hair straggly, grease stains on already dirty clothing.  Fouled up your last job, folk got hurt.  Now you’re one step ahead of the law, driving down a long highway in the American South, travelling somewhere in the neighbourhood of ninety miles/hour.  A sawn-off shotgun tucked halfway under a couple of rags on the seat next to you.  Distractedly, you switch on the radio.

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Review: Clown Cabaret Scratch Night

With those in my age bracket, there is a rule: for any given situation, there’s a Simpsons reference that will apply.  Accordingly, when I first saw the title Clown Cabaret Scratch Night, my first response was to recall Lisa’s reaction to the marquee advertising a Yahoo Serious Festival: ‘I know those words, but that sign makes no sense’.

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