Review: As You Like It

Edinburgh is full of hidden gems and secret locations. Tucked up along a covered, cobbled close off the Canongate, Dunbar’s Close Garden is a miniature manicured maze; the sort of treat that tourists only stumble across. It even takes some locals by surprise. The garden is separated into sections (‘parterres’ if you want to be pretentious) with shingle pathways eventually leading down stone steps into a wider section that feels like the Forest of Arden.

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Review: 404 Ink & Interrobang?-The War on Christmas

Question: what makes Interrobang? different from all the other many spoken-word events that adorn Edinburgh’s literary calendar? To answer, ‘well: not much’ might seem churlish, but that’s no criticism. The quest to find a unique selling point for spoken-word is past its sell-by date, since all purport a similar brand.

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