Review: The Man On The Moor, Fringe 2017

Max Dickins (alumni of last year’s Fringe smash hit The Trunk) returns to Edinburgh this summer with his one man show The Man on the Moor – a driech fictional tale based broadly on fact that is a sombre yet ultimately uplifting portrayal of a son on the hunt for his dead father and those poor souls around the UK in a comparable situation. 

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Laura Cumming: The honour of winning this prize

Entering the main entrance, past the ticket booths and into the picturesque garden area of Charlotte Gardens, one would be forgiven for forgetting the roaring hustle and bustle of the Edinburgh Fringe situated on the opposite side of Princes Street. But here we are now, in a quaint area of Scotland’s capital where the 70th Edinburgh International Book Festival is being held; where old and young, student and professor alike nestle captivated eyes into books big and small. 

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Review: Get Out

The occupants inside the car hurtle towards their upstate New York fate. Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) and partner Rose Armitage (Allison Williams) are on their way to meet Rose’s family; a picturesque archetype of white suburbia. “They know your boyfriend’s black, right?” Chris states to Rose. Such a question should have no meaning or pre-conceived opinions in 2017, should it? The world ain’t all rainbows though. The questions paves the way for writer and director Jordan Peele’s satirically surreal horror to explore every nook and cranny of a modern day African-American in pre-dominantly privileged white surroundings.

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