Review: An Act of Kindness, Fringe 2017

Two people meet at a bus stop. Martin is a young professional who’s visiting the hospital and Leila is a frustrated waitress with big dreams. Rascal Theatre Company’s An Act of Kindness introduces us to them both through Leila’s adorable attempt to strike up a conversation with Martin which helps us immediately relate and empathise with both characters.

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Review: Alice Marshall – Blood, Fringe 2017

There’s something very retro about Fringe shows at Just The Tonic at The Caves. It feels like the Fringe I remember from years ago: ramshackle, a little chaotic and loads of fun. The shows feel a lot more varied as many acts try something different and they’re £5 a pop which is great value and makes you a lot more likely to give one a punt. It’s, um, “just the tonic” (sorry) to the corporate feel of somewhere like Assembly.

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Review: Bernie Keith – Life Without Sat Nav, Fringe 2017

Bernie Keith proudly states that he may be the least well-known comedian at this year’s Fringe which, considering he’s a radio DJ for BBC Northampton, is him probably being a little hard on himself. That being the case, his difficult timeslot of 8:45pm puts him in a tough competitive spot in that if you’re attending a whole load of shows you may have to forego two acts rather than just one to attend it.

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Review: Courtney Act – The Girl From Oz, Fringe 2017

As I sit down to write this I wonder how much of my word count I can waste talking about Ru Paul’s Drag Race. The answer is probably a lot but in truth I’d rather focus on the wonderful show I’ve just seen. Things get off to a good start, opening with a rendition of Olivia Newton-John & ELO’s Xanadu while Courtney tumbles around the stage on a pair of red sequined rollerskates that I am more than a little jealous of.

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