Review: Black Stone Cherry – Back To Blues

For someone who’s drifted away from rock and metal music over the last fifteen years there is something reassuring to find that all the bands you used to listen to are still going and sound exactly the same as they did before. Other genres change or evolve slightly but the last change in metal was nu-metal in the nineties and now no one wants to pretend it happened. Back To Blues sees Black Stone Cherry tackle famous blues songs in their own heavy style. A deep heavy blues rhythm guitar with a smothering of high squealing lead guitar make up the skeleton of all their tracks.

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Review: Beaches – Second of Spring

Beaches are a kind of super-group formed from other well known Australian bands. Made up of five women – three of which are guitarists – it’s no surprise they form a huge wall of sound here. In the press release they make reference to their name stemming from an admiration for the well known female-bonding film of the same name and a nod to a friend who asked if the group was going to be called “bitches”. Having not heard anything by Beaches previously their new double album Second of Spring is certainly a hell of a way to be introduced to them.

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Review: Charlotte Church’s Late Night Pop Dungeon – NEHH, Summerhall

Pulsing with a fevered heat and dripping with sweat I emerged from Charlotte Church’s Pop Dungeon exhausted but invigorated. It was an orgy where every partner is a song you know and like, even love. Your mouth formed the words of their name as they penetrated you. Sometimes they’re beautiful, sometimes soft and gentle, other times hard and rough. You can feel slick warm bodies pressed against you, flesh against flesh, the crowd merges with the music and we sing its words back to them.

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Review: Tori Amos – Native Invader

My love affair with Tori Amos dates back to Under The Pink where as a child of metal I was introduced to her work through Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails singing backing vocals on Past The Mission. I was completely taken by her absolutely nutty lyrics on most of the songs and introduced a couple of my best friends to her just from showing them the words.

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Review: Night At The Museum, Fringe 2017

Night at the Museum offers a love it or hate it show. On different nights you could have a very different experience and looking at some of the public reviews there seem to be a few folk who’ve been disappointed. It’s improv, which for me is always a red flag because you are fully accepting that it could be a mixed bag. The premise is simple: three guest comedians pretend to be professors and our host has them explain the purpose and history of different objects from the museum.

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