Extract from Scotland Your Scotland, EIBF 2017

On Wednesday 16th August Andrew O'Hagan was invited by the Edinburgh International Book Festival to deliver a keynote lecture on the future of Scotland. O'Hagan argues the question is now beyond nationalism but about the country's potential as a progressive, enlightened, international country of the future. The Fountain is pleased to publish an extract from the beginning of the keynote.


Review: Tariq Ali – Revolutionary Road, EIBF 2017 Rating 87%

Review: Tariq Ali – Revolutionary Road, EIBF 2017

An expectant queue snakes around the boardwalk that rings the wet Saturday morning grass of Charlotte Square Gardens. Edinburgh's International Book Festival may have just begun, but the venue is sold out and there’s that unmistakable ripple of pre-event anticipation travelling up and down the line. We’re here to see Tariq Ali, who will be discussing his most recent book, The Dilemmas of Lenin, published in commemoration of the Russian Revolution’s centenary. 




Review: Angels in America Rating 95%

Review: Angels in America

Even experienced from 500 miles away in the local cosiness of the Glasgow Film Theatre, it’s as if an angel has burst through our ceiling and is addressing us with her holy message. Such is the visceral ferocity of the National Theatre’s production of Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer-winning play, Angels In America. It’s wincingly relevant, bar the lack of smartphones and the internet; simply swap the name of the incumbent president and play a short round of spot the difference.